Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday Night with Ed Sheeran!

Last weekend, I saw Ed Sheeran at the Hollywood Palladium, and boy, is he a great live performer!! He's a great entertainer and his voice is honestly incredible! To me, it’s very important that the performer is genuinely enjoying himself on stage as he is entertaining his fans.

I have been to concerts in the past and noticed, to my disappointment, that the performer seems like he is just there for the money and not because he loves what he does.

There are different ways one can catch this –
(1) is the performer smiling, making eye contact, and ‘conversation’ with his audience?
(2) is the performer playing all (or most) of his hits/the songs that he knows his fans love?
(3) did he have an encore performance?

Ed Sheeran scored A+ in my book! He opened with my favorite song (after Kiss Me, of course), Give Me Love! Here are some of the videos I took from that day:

Give Me Love

Wayfaring Stranger, originally by Burl Ives. 
He told all the crazy teenagers to not make noise so that we get the full experience of his performance. Near the end, he sang the chorus with no microphone! It was awesome! Too bad my phone memory was low. Le sigh.

Kiss Me
Guest performances can sometimes be a drag, but Foy Vance blew us away with his incredible voice and talent! Towards the end of the concert, he came back on stage and sang Kiss Me with Ed Sheeran! They did a really good job, no doubt.

Of all the songs Foy Vance sang before Ed came up on stage, "Guiding Light" moved me the most! It reminded me of how God has, and will always be, my Guiding Light! Wish I could've recorded this one live.

Feel free to share any videos from that day (if you were there) or other song suggestions! 

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