Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Truly Thankful" Project Day 14: Freedom of The Words

What are these Words,
these letters that are placed together?
Are they supposed to redeem,
or, at least, make my world a little bit better?

You decide, they tell me.
We'll do as you wish.

Combining the letters, I make words, I create stories.
Then I run away.
The freedom scares me,
so I look for a safer place to stay.

Here is your life, the place lures me in.

Everything's set in stone,
yet nothing's clear.
I'm incomplete, confused, filled with fear.

The place suddenly says, I don't want you here.

I resist and struggle.

Come back, uttered the Words.
What we offer is eternal,
You are chosen.

With open arms they accept me.
I belong,
I have never felt so strong.

Writing gives me the freedom to do whatever I wish. But am I really free? When you realize you are talented in an area, you are not really free. Your talent becomes a beautiful burden, almost like an obligation...It's wonderful.

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