Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Truly Thankful" Project Day 19: Hoping, Planning, Singing

I plan on moving out when I transfer to a university (next year). I can't wait. I want to explore, I want to meet new people, and I want to study what I love.

But most of all, I just want to get away and I can't wait for that. 

I was driving home from school today and I decided to listen to my old Linkin Park CD. I'd been listening to The Beatles One album all semester and I needed a change. I hate driving, but the time I spend alone in the car with my music is definitely time I cherish. Then it hit me--I won't be able to do this when I move out (I don't plan on taking my car with me). I won't be able to listen to music and scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs, all by myself. I'm going to live with a roommate, which will inevitably be complicated and get annoying at times. I am going to be around people--the same people from the same school--all the time.

So I let go. I let go of the future and held on to the moment. I held on to my steering wheel and continued singing loudly with my windows partially down.

I threw my assumptions out the window, but I'll still hope and plan and sing.

yours Truly Thankful,

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