Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Truly Thankful" Project Day 5: How To Tell A True War Story

The power of story telling.
The art of it.

"The thing about a story is that you dream it as you tell it, hoping that others might then dream along with you, and in this way memory and imagination and language combine to make spirits in the head. There is an illusion of aliveness...We keep the dead alive with stories." -Tom O'Brien, The Things They Carried

I've fallen in love with Tim O'Brien's style of writing. I like to think that he is more of a poet than a novelist.

A story is a combination of one's memories, dreams, and desires with a touch of magic. We take our memories—the beautiful, unforgettable, sometimes traumatizing ones and we juggle with them. We add, subtract, and imagine. We consider possibilities. We create magic in our writing, in our story telling.

We're able to turn our monsters into heroes and our demons into saviors. We're able to display and destroy reality. 

We can fly, we can drown ourselves in an ocean full of tears while we soar.
There are no limits, no boundaries—we can do anything.
We become free.

If I could write 1/10 as good as O'Brien, I'll be happy. Until then...thank you, Tim.

yours Truly Thankful,

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