Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ode: To A Cricket And The Creator

As I fixed my eyes to my own creation
Thinking myself to be focused, unbothered
I was immediately distracted by a small invasion,
of which I had no expectation.

I look to my right
and to my surprise, on the window I see 
God's own creation
has come to visit me.

Never have I been so close to such a creature
as magnificent as he.
Though separated by a window,
his structure quite thoroughly I see.

Though intrigued at first, I was in awe
of how much detail and attention He pours 
into all creatures, both big and small.

his legs, intricately formed, I knew,
his eyes fixed only above
did not close at all, refusing to skew.
Contrary to Man, whose mind is like an ocean,
wavering and quick to shift its tides and emotion.

The creature began to prance,
despite no invitation given.
Quite entertained was I and became aware of my own stance
and carried on with my own ambition.

Then so swiftly did my acquaintance depart,
more so than his stay 
that I was frightened by his ruthlessness
of which he so eagerly portrayed.

So with melancholy, but passion filled dismay
I was compelled with my own instinct
to continue my own task of convincing 
Man of life's beauty, constantly at display.

And though my craft of little significance may be,
I consider myself a co-creator
In His magnificent purpose, for His glory. 

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