Wednesday, April 15, 2015

untitled poem

i can't 


so i'll just pretend
that i can
that i remember how
to write.

back on grass
head facing sun
hands under head
pen in backpack
journal in backpack
still and silent
this is your place.

5 minutes a day
just 5
you'll be fine
5 minutes
set your clock
set the alarm
open eyes
in a dark room
no room
for pens, backpacks, paper.
where's my black journal?
i need space...

just. relax. breathe.
5 minutes and you're done
"this too shall pass"

open your jar
of memories
look inside
maybe inside
you'll find what you need
to remind you how 
to write

or at least
some air to breathe
some space in this room
no sun, no clouds, no rain.
just your pen, backpack, paper, 
and under your head, under your hands
that black journal with a bike imprinted on it
think of it.
think of me.
find me.
i'm there somewhere. i'm still there. promise.
that'll remind you how to write again.


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