Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wear Nature Photoshoot

If you're going to San Francisco (or a music festival) sure to wear some *Wear Nature flower crowns* in your hair. 

I'm so excited to finally be sharing these photos! All floral crowns are handmade by me for Wear Nature. Check us out on social media and etsy:

Instagram: @shopwearnature

All photos are taken by the talented Ripsime's Studio

I've always admired flowers.
Aside from being beautiful, to me, flowers resemble the stillness and grace of nature as God's creation. I find myself inspired by flowers and by nature, so I decided to use that inspiration and create art. 
I hope you enjoy these photos. Ripsime and I had a blast during this photoshoot. Be sure to contact her if you are interested in getting head-shots or doing any fun photoshoots like this one!

~The peace of God transcends all understanding~

I LOVE CREATING and art will always inspire me to create more art. Usually, after a photo shoot, I'm inspired to write a poem or story. After this photo shoot, I wrote Take These Sunflowers (read here). Though the photos resemble happiness, peace, and love, the poem is a bit dark...I hope you enjoy it & I would appreciate any kind of feedback!

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