Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Style Diaries: Who What Wear, Above Studio Co. + A Surprise!

Serious #housegoals during this recent photoshoot!! Julia and I were looking for a spot and I was just like "THAT ONE!" Haha. Sharing outfit details below and a sweet surprise, too!

 This dress made me want to dance! So I'm going back to my roots and doing a little Armenian dance here (we like to call it "Tash Toosh." ;) 


Dress: Target Who What Wear CollectionShoes: Zara (shop similar), Bag: Above Studio Co., Jewelry: Forever21 Photos by: Julia O Test Photography

Have you ever seen something at the store and thought "That is so cute but it won't look good on me!" and you get sad and end up never trying it on? I used to be that girl.

When I'm in LA, I love shopping with my sis and bestie because not only are they my hype women but they always help me out by sharing clothing items that they think would look good on me. It usually looks something like this:

sis / bestie: Ani, try this. :)
me: No...I won't look good on it. :/
sis / bestie: Just try it!!! Trust me. (insert annoyed face here)
me: Ugh, okay. *ends up obsessed and buys it*

SO....on a recent solo shopping trip to Target, I noticed the cutest Who What Wear dress pictured in these photos. I remembered my sis and bestie and I literally had the same inner monologue LOL. I decided to give it a try and I ended up loving it! I think it's one thing to know what type of clothes flatter your body and what your general style is, but if you're still experimenting (which I'll admit, I'm in that stage right now with my style), it's a good thing to JUST TRY IT!

I said to myself "This is out of your comfort zone....just try it on––you never know!" Sometimes shopping can be so stressful for me but I decided to not be so anxious about finding something, but to just have fun and if I find something, then great! If not, then at least I had fun. 

I want to know more about your experience with shopping. Do you find that it can be stressful sometimes? How do you make decisions on whether or not to buy certain things? Do you like to shop alone or with a friend? 

Sometimes, I find styling and shopping easier when I have the accessories shoes, bags, or jewelry. In this case, I had the beautiful bag, I just needed a dress. So for any of ya'll who could relate to my shopping shenanigans (say that 5 times), I thought I'd do a fun giveaway with Above Studio Co.! Stay tuned for more details on how to entire tomorrow on my Instagram page. :)

Thanks for stopping by, loves!

yours truly,

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